MINDFULNESS, for most people, conjures images of meditation--eyes closed, relaxed, concentrating on each breath in a peaceful environment...

That's fine. Who am I to argue with an ancient, healthy practice? (Some of the earliest written records of meditation [Dhyana], come from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE.)

But wait a sec....doesn't MINDFULNESS include how we interact with other people and with our environment? Doing yoga and closed-eyes meditation, as I said, is awesome, but what about practicing mindfulness in our everyday contacts at work, under stress, with co-workers and customers? Can't very easily do that with eyes closed.

Have you ever considered the mindless, irritating, on-the-job writing you do every day as an opportunity to practice mindfulness? Interaction with others is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to being mindful. So what better way to practice than through our daily workplace writing...or, as I think of it, eyes-wide-open meditation?

Certainly if you're sitting in a cubicle (or office), stressed out, deadline looming, trying to get a document or report out that can withstand the scrutiny of legal council, upper management, supervisors, editors, and a host of other well-meaning folks who treat a report draft the way a dog treats its favorite chewy toy, the last thing that comes to mind is mindfulness.

But our everyday workplace writing (of all kinds) is a perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness...with eyes wide open.


If you feel like spending $9.97, you can read our book, Mindful Writing at Work

Mindful is a 200-page e-book, with a ton of pictures, that shows you how to bring your mindfulness practice to work, and put mindfulness to work for you when you need it most...at work. Maybe you'll look forward to writing at work...more than you do now...once you've read MW@W.

Here's a link where you can find out more about Mindful and download it if you want to.


Bow to you! Peace! (namaste, aloha, respect, shalom, salam, heiwa, koosi, satta....)