This blog is about workplace writing.

We’ve created the blog to start a conversation with you about workplace writing, to share all our knowledge and experience.

Having each spent 35 years working with writers, in their workplaces, on writing that’s critical to their business success and teaching writing to graduate and undergraduate students, Kevin and I have been lucky to work with many talented people and establish on-going relationships with many fascinating agencies and businesses, including the GAO, NASA, KPMG, the Army Research Lab, JMT Engineering, Whiting Turner Contracting, NSA, the Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, and auditors nationally and internationally, to name just a few.

Having one foot firmly in what academics call “the real world” and the other in the academy as professors of English, we’d like to share lessons-learned and helpful ideas about workplace writing and teaching workplace writing with

· writers in the workplace who would appreciate tips to make their writing easier and more effective,

· audit report writers who rely on writing to share crucial information with the users of their reports, and

· teachers of business and technical writing at any level and in any department.

We’ve spread the QCG blog among these three audiences:

· a blog for workplace writers

· a blog for audit report writers

· a blog for teachers of writing

We’ll post information to help all three groups.

Join our community of people who know how important writing of all kinds still is in the workplace, people continuing to learn everything they can to get better at what they do.

We know we still have a lot to learn, and we’re asking for your help.

Please write comments after the posts you read. We’ll respond. We invite you to submit possible blog topics you’d like to write about as a guest blogger.

What would you like to know about workplace writing?