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This Book Will Teach You Powerful Workplace Writing Techniques

New York Times Best Selling Author Daniel H. Pink says it's “everything you need to know about communicating clearly with coworkers, customers, and contacts. This comprehensive volume is the only writing handbook a business student will ever need.” Author of To Sell Is Human and Drive


“In Mastering Workplace Writing, Lillywhite and Dungey teach business writing as it should be taught: as reader-focused, written conversation, with attention first to content, organization, and document design (the hocs). And then they provide a great resource for clear writing of the locs - paragraphs, sentences, words, and mechanics. Students working with this book will be well prepared for their business careers.” - Dr. Janice (Ginny) Redish, author of Letting Go of the Words - Writing Web Content that Works

“Mastering Workplace Writing hones the critical thinking skills of emerging professionals to focus on answering readers' questions, not merely what writers want to say. The Dungey and Lillywhite HOCs and LOCs approach builds the foundation of good thinking--content, organization, and then presentation before moving to the lower order concerns of getting paragraphs, sentences, words, and mechanics in good shape. In doing so, it relieves that often bewildering panic of ‘where do I begin?’ This book is a must for classroom and the workplace. Brilliant!” - Dr. Susan Kleimann, President, Kleimann Communication Group; Chair, Center for Plain Language